Download CM10.2 for Galaxy Note 8.0

We all have been waiting for this and here it is ā€“ CM10.2 for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Sbrissen, an xda user has released an unofficial version of it. Its pre-requirement is that you need unlocked bootloader and you are recommended to flash it via CWM.

Download CM10.2 for Galaxy Note 8.0

The instructions are pretty simple. All you have to do is download and copy the ROM to the SD card. If you want Google Apps (Iā€™m sure you do), copy gapps file to SD card as well. Then, reboot into recovery and flash the ROM and Gapps. Wipe the data and cache and reboot.

Everything is working except for few things ā€“ BT voice search and ability to take screenshot. We expected a bug or two as this is not official CM10.2 release. Find download link in this XDA thread.

PS: The ROM is only meant to be used in N5110, which is the Wi-Fi only model.

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