Galaxy Note I717 News Articles and Reviews

Download ATT Galaxy Note CyanogenMod 9

Cyanogen Mod 9 is nearly complete and is working like a charm on the ATT i717 Galaxy Note. It is a great firmware for

ATT Galaxy Note Modems (UCLF6, UCLC5, UCLE2, UCLC5, UCLD3, UCLA1)

Here are all the modems for the ATT Samsung Galaxy Note i717. If you are on ICS, you can use any of the following

Galaxy Note i717 Official ICS ROM Odexed, Deodexed, Rooted, Zipaligned

This is a custom firmware for those who want absolute stock experience with no apps added and at the same time, want to be

ATT Galaxy Note i717 Tethering

The international version of Galaxy Note phone, the GT-N7000 is sold contract free and comes with tethering enabled. Unfortunately, ATT Galaxy Note does not.

Download T-Mobile Radio for Galaxy Note

If you want to use your AT&T Galaxy Note on T-mobile, you should flash one of the cellular radios (depending on the ROM your

Root ATT Galaxy Note i717

Galaxy Note i717 is an amazing phone, but you can do much more after rooting it. For example, you can install apps to underclock

Galaxy Note i717r Roger Firmware

Flashed a custom ROM on your Roger Samsung Galaxy Note (i717r) and now want to go back to the original firmware. For this, you