Galaxy Note 5 News Articles and Reviews

Note 9 ROM port for Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5 is a pretty old but still very capable handset. No wonder a lot of users are still hanging onto this amazing

Galaxy S8+ ROM for Note 5: S8 Plus ROM ported to Samsung Note 5

An XDA developer user has ported entire ROM of Samsung Galaxy S8+ to Note 5. Supported Note 5 models include N920T/W8, N920CIG, N920CD, N920SKL

Galaxy Note 5 Floating Message Hack

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you can flash this hack. This will show you the incoming messages as floating window. It

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ROM ported to Note 5

Galaxy Note 7 is out and folks at xda developers have successfully ported Note 7 ROM to Note 5. It is called CRISSCROSS ROM

Download iOS font on Galaxy Note 5: iPhone font for Note5

Folks at xda have released the official Apple iOS font aka iPhone font for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 android phone. This is how

Galaxy Note 5 UHQ Camera Mod Download

You can take super high UHQ photos on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by downloading and installing this UHQ camera mod. To install this

Note 5 ROM with Galaxy S7 Edge features

You can download Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ROM with Samsung galaxy S7 Edge features so that you can have the best of both worlds

Download Galaxy Note 5 Debloated ROM

We all hate bloat on our Note 5 and this Galaxy Note 5 Debloated ROM could be the solution to our problems. Fortunately, an

Galaxy Note 5 IMEI backup tool download

IMEI backup tool is available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is recommended that you download and use this tool as messing around

Root Note 5 SM-N920 Exynos android phone

You can now root SM-N920 version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. For this you require TWRP Note 5 custom recovery and one of these

ChoeTech wireless fast charger T511-S Review for Galaxy Note 5

Normally, wireless chargers are tad slow for charging my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but the ChoeTech wireless fast charger T511-S is going to change

Light, Battery Friendly ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Nameless ROM is now available for the Note 5, thanks to amazing fellas at XDA developers. Nameless ROMs for popular for being super light

6 Icons in Dock Hack for Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 packs a very high resolution display packing nearly twice as many pixels as the Apple iPhone 6S Plus but for

Download Stock ROM for SM N920C N920I N920G N920S N920L N920K N920T N920P N920R4 N920W8 SM-N9200

If you have done lot of modifications on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you might want to start afresh and the best way to

Galaxy Edge+ Contacts, Apps on Samsung Note 5

An XDA developers mod brings Samsung Galaxy Edge+ contacts and app feature to Galaxy Note 5 users. To use this Galaxy Edge+ Contacts, Apps