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This site, GalaxyNoteNews.com started as a hobby site when I got my first Galaxy Note, the GT-N7000. I started posting news from XDA-developers about new firmwares and tips. After some months, Samsung released Note 2 but I instead upgraded to Galaxy S3 (kept the Note) but after using the GS3 for a month, I sold it for Samsung Galaxy Note II. I held Note 1 and Note 2 for about 6 months.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I then upgraded to Galaxy Note 3 which I used for about 2.5 years. I really liked that phone. But one day, it was stolen from my back pocket which is why you should never keep your expensive phone in back of your jeans pocket.

I bought Galaxy Note 4 even though Note 5 was around. This was due to financial reasons back then. I really wanted to get the Note 7 when it was released but Samsung recalled all of them.

Next year, Note 8 made its debut and it was launched around 900 dollar price tag. Despite having the funds, I could not justify spending so much money on a smartphone. I instead got a great deal on Galaxy S8 and used it for about an year. During this time, Samsung churned out Note 9 for $1100.

I really wanted to get the Note 9 and decided to wait for price to go down a bit. I bought one a week before Note 10 release. I got it for around 550 dollars and have been using it since then. During all this time, I never sold my Note 4 and now I own both Note 9 and Note 4.

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You can contact me using the email address given below.