Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ROM ported to Note 5

Galaxy Note 7 is out and folks at xda developers have successfully ported Note 7 ROM to Note 5. It is called CRISSCROSS ROM Note7port V2.0[2.8.16][PG7][N920C / I / L / G / K / S]. Since most of

Download iOS font on Galaxy Note 5: iPhone font for Note5

Folks at xda have released the official Apple iOS font aka iPhone font for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 android phone. This is how it looks on the Note 5 after installation. There are three variants of it: 1.

Galaxy Note 5 UHQ Camera Mod Download

You can take super high UHQ photos on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by downloading and installing this UHQ camera mod. To install this you will need to root your Galaxy note 5 which is easy. Here are the

Galaxy Note 4 CM13 download: CyanogenMod 13.0 for Samsung Note 4

CM13 aka CyanogenMod 13.0 for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been released. Right now, only N910C and N910CQ are supported. Also keep in mind that this will make your device out of warranty and increase KNOX counter as well.

Note 5 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an amazing android phone but most of the Note 4 users might stick onto their devices for couple of more years before they upgrade. But at the same time, you would not want to

Download Android 6 un official ROM for Galaxy Note 4

Folks at XDA have released android 6 un official ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 snapdragon aka US variant and it is called the resurrection remix offering amazing combination of performance, customization, power and new features. The features

Note 5 ROM with Galaxy S7 Edge features

You can download Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ROM with Samsung galaxy S7 Edge features so that you can have the best of both worlds – stylus functionality and S7 Edge features. This ROM is better than the Note 5

Download Galaxy Note 5 Debloated ROM

We all hate bloat on our Note 5 and this Galaxy Note 5 Debloated ROM could be the solution to our problems. Fortunately, an XDA user has churned out a ROM that solves this problem – this very ROM

Galaxy Note 5 IMEI backup tool download

IMEI backup tool is available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is recommended that you download and use this tool as messing around with Note 5 custom ROMs can do some damage on your expensive android phone. You

Root Note 5 SM-N920 Exynos android phone

You can now root SM-N920 version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. For this you require TWRP Note 5 custom recovery and one of these models, SM-N920C / CD / G / I, SM-N9200 and SM-N9208_SEA. I have been told

Download Galaxy Note 2 Android 6 Marshmallow ROM

Samsung might have abandoned the Galaxy Note 2 N7100 users on Android 4.4.2 but spirits are still high at XDA whose developers have released Cyanogen Mod 13 for the N7100 that brings Android 6 Marshmallow to the Note 2.

ChoeTech wireless fast charger T511-S Review for Galaxy Note 5

Normally, wireless chargers are tad slow for charging my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but the ChoeTech wireless fast charger T511-S is going to change all that. It promises to charge your device as fast as a wired quick charge

Tech Armor Active Power 6000 Review, Excellent Accessory for mobile and tablets

Mobile power banks have been around from quite some time but seldom do you find a quality mobile power bank that works reliably and packs adequate amount of charge. Also if it offers fast charging feature, that is even

Light, Battery Friendly ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Nameless ROM is now available for the Note 5, thanks to amazing fellas at XDA developers. Nameless ROMs for popular for being super light and battery friendly. This ROM is deodexed, zipaligned, knox free, debloated and pre rooted. Here

6 Icons in Dock Hack for Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 packs a very high resolution display packing nearly twice as many pixels as the Apple iPhone 6S Plus but for some reason, the Korean giant went with five icons in dock. This Note 5 hack