Remove Photo Stamp from a Photo Using Movavi

While Samsung Galaxy Note android phones do not add any sort of photo stamp to a photo, most modern cameras do and I find it extremely annoying. While some cameras do offer an option to turn it off, many

Galaxy Note 5 IMEI backup tool download

IMEI backup tool is available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is recommended that you download and use this tool as messing around with Note 5 custom ROMs can do some damage on your expensive android phone. You

Root Note 5 SM-N920 Exynos android phone

You can now root SM-N920 version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. For this you require TWRP Note 5 custom recovery and one of these models, SM-N920C / CD / G / I, SM-N9200 and SM-N9208_SEA. I have been told

Download Galaxy Note 2 Android 6 Marshmallow ROM

Samsung might have abandoned the Galaxy Note 2 N7100 users on Android 4.4.2 but spirits are still high at XDA whose developers have released Cyanogen Mod 13 for the N7100 that brings Android 6 Marshmallow to the Note 2.

ChoeTech wireless fast charger T511-S Review for Galaxy Note 5

Normally, wireless chargers are tad slow for charging my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but the ChoeTech wireless fast charger T511-S is going to change all that. It promises to charge your device as fast as a wired quick charge

XNSPY for Android Review: A Portal for New Age Parenting

XNSPY is a mobile monitoring application designed for parents to help them in watching over their children. How is a mobile app to do that? With the basic principle that children in 2015 carry a representation of their lives

Tech Armor Active Power 6000 Review, Excellent Accessory for mobile and tablets

Mobile power banks have been around from quite some time but seldom do you find a quality mobile power bank that works reliably and packs adequate amount of charge. Also if it offers fast charging feature, that is even

Why I still prefer my laptop for gaming

Gaming is excellent on android platform but is it as good as laptops? These days, tablets are one of the new devices to become popular. These are essentially smaller versions of computer measuring 7 inches or larger. They are

Light, Battery Friendly ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Nameless ROM is now available for the Note 5, thanks to amazing fellas at XDA developers. Nameless ROMs for popular for being super light and battery friendly. This ROM is deodexed, zipaligned, knox free, debloated and pre rooted. Here

6 Icons in Dock Hack for Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 packs a very high resolution display packing nearly twice as many pixels as the Apple iPhone 6S Plus but for some reason, the Korean giant went with five icons in dock. This Note 5 hack

Download Stock ROM for SM N920C N920I N920G N920S N920L N920K N920T N920P N920R4 N920W8 SM-N9200

If you have done lot of modifications on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you might want to start afresh and the best way to do that is by flashing the stock ROM on to. What we have with are

Galaxy Edge+ Contacts, Apps on Samsung Note 5

An XDA developers mod brings Samsung Galaxy Edge+ contacts and app feature to Galaxy Note 5 users. To use this Galaxy Edge+ Contacts, Apps mod, you need to be on an deodexed Note 5 ROM which was mentioned here

Download Dr Ketan Note 5 ROM for Galaxy S6 Edge features and to enable call recording

Dr Ketan is a renowned developer at XDA and he has just released a ROM under his name that packs some really amazing features such as Galaxy S6 Edge’s edge feature and ability to record calls. To install it,

Android 5.1.1 for Note 10.1 2014 available for download

Android 5.1.1 a k a latest version of lollipop is available for download for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 model. This ROM is made specifically for the P605 model but the developer says it would work just fine

Convert DVD to MP4 for Galaxy Note and Other Devices

If you transfer DVD file on your Samsung Galaxy Note phone or any phone, you will not be able to it natively as the built in media player only supports MP4 and some other video formats. DVD files are